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Hardware Maintenance Subscription

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Preventive and Corrective maintenance Support


Hardware maintenance or hardware support can be thought of like an insurance policy or a warranty on your car. When you have a warranty on your car, you no longer have to worry about how much the maintenance and repairs will cost. A hardware maintenance contract for your server, storage, and network devices is similar and ensures that you will be able to spend less time stressing about downtimes and how much everything will cost to fix. Instead, you can pass off the problem to experts who have the resources that you aren’t likely to have internally and they will take care of it. Hardware maintenance support can be provided by the manufacturer (OEMs) or by third party maintenance providers (TPMs). Equipment is often put under a maintenance contract to ensure the support is available when they need it. And this is why INCURVATION INFRA IT SOLUTIONS is offering this Service to provide the best effort and support our clients needs. 

We Offer: Preventive and Corrective maintenance Support for Cisco devices, HP Aruba, Ruijie Device, HIK & Dahua, MikroTik,  Fortigate and Checkpoint 

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